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What We Offer

We welcome your child to our Catechism programme and we are confident that our dedicated Catechists will help you and your child learn many wonderful things about your faith.

The Catechism programme at our Parish offers the following:-


  1. Comprehensive instruction in our faith from Gr. 0 to Gr. 11.
  2. Each child is issued with a book which covers the curriculum for the year and parents should actively assist and encourage their child to complete the lessons set by the Catechist.
  3. Traditional and familiar prayers are taught on an ongoing basis.
  4. First Holy Communion is done over 2 years.  In Gr. 3 children are taught about the basics for FHC and then will receive the Sacrament at the end of Gr. 4.
  5. The Sacrament of Confirmation is a 3 year programme, starting with Pre-Confirmation in Gr. 9, continuing with Confirmation Yr. 1 in Gr. 10 and receiving the Sacrament at the end of Confirmation Yr. 2, provided the Parish Priest and Catechist are satisfied that the candidate is sufficiently prepared.
  6. Children are assessed twice a year and a minimum of 50% pass rate is required.
  7. Every child must be accompanied by his/her parent, guardian, or care giver, when registering, before the child can be accepted into the programme.

We request that parents assist by  ensuring that:-

 1.Children have a 75% class attendance record and an 80% class attendance record if their child is in a   Sacrament class.

2. Classes are held from 8.40 a.m. - 9.20 a.m. and it is important that children arrive in class on time.

 3. Children who are part of our Catechism programme must attend Mass as this is a very important part of Catechesis.

 4. Parent support is essential as children learn best when they see their parents setting the example.

 5. Registrations begin on the first (1st) Sunday after schools open in January, and end on the second (2nd) Sunday of February.

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