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Parish Pledge Programme

Parish membership

New members are requested to complete a Membership Registration Form. Forms are available at the entrance to the church. Completed forms can be given to the parish priest or placed in the box at the church entrance.

Purpose of pledging

The primary reason for giving money to the church is to demonstrate, in a very real and tangible way, our faith and trust in God. We are called to put Him first in our lives and that includes our financial commitment.


During our Sunday Masses there are two collections. The first collection is called the Offertory Collection. The second collection is referred to as the Parish Development Fund Pledge Campaign.

Achievements and plans

During 2010 we concluded the major construction Programme of erecting our new Hall and renovating the Church. This was made possible through the generous financial support of our members. For this we are grateful. During the coming year we hope to make alterations to the church grounds and we still need to do some internal renovations to the church, such as replacing the existing ceiling and purchasing some furnishings plus the priests house.

The proceeds of our second collection go towards these projects. Also through this collection we raise the funds needed to meet our financial obligations towards the Archdiocese. All parishes are required to support the upkeep of the Archdiocesan structures. In this regard the parish council has set the target of R20.000 as our commitment for 2011.

We now have a new parish council and it is important that all members show their commitment and support to our parish. The council wishes that all members to show at least their minimum support to the parish by participating in our Monthly Pledge Programme.


Please register for the Pledge Programme at the table outside the church after Mass.

You may submit your pledges by either:

stop order;
ATM transfer, or
Internet transfer.

When using one of the last three methods please make your beneficiary: The Church of the Presentation

Parish account:

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: Gezina

Account number: 013 157 108

Please always use the reference number allocated to you on your pledge envelopes.