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Montana Catholic Church 300 Club

The development of our Parish has taken place in leaps and bounds. This is thanks to you our Parishioners for your contributions and support of the 300 Club over the last three and a half years

Here are a few of the projects that have been sponsored by our 300 Club:

The Development of the "Wall of Remembrance" boundary hedge and railings.
Canvas blinds for our new hall.
Baptismal font
An irrigation system for the garden.
Durable and long lasting garden 8 seater picnic tables.
Lights for the church
Gardening equipment including lawn mowers and edge-trimmers etc and the maintenance thereof.
Tiling on the veranda of the presbytery.
Maintenance and up-grading of the presbytery.
Maintenance and repairs of the roof in the classrooms.
Painting and maintenance of the presbytery and all classrooms.
We also support the CWL.

Not only do these funds come in handy for the church development but it also offers the participating parishioners the opportunity of winning cash prizes.

The formula used works like this:

You choose a number (any vacant number) from 1 to 300. This remains your number whilst you continue to play.
The monthly contribution is R50.00 and is payable each month to be included in the draw.
The income is totalled each month and 75% of this monthly income is allocated to the church.
The remaining 25% is allocated to 1st; 2nd & 3rd prize. (50% of this is 1st prize; 30% of this is 2nd prize and 20% of this is 3rd prize)

If you have paid for the current month, then your number goes into the draw. The draw takes place monthly alternating between 07h30 Mass & 09h30 Mass. The prizes are awarded immediately. And these range anywhere from R400 for 1st Prize to R200 for 3rd prize.


You gotta be innit to winnit!
Good Luck!

Andy & Margaret Savage