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In God's light we see light

Submitted by Tracey on January 23, 2017 - 8:38am

Life is replete with ups and downs, joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness but the scripture exhorts us constantly look up to Him who brings our work and efforts to fruition. God is always revealing a new stage of growth in our lives through circumstances that perhaps we never bargained for. Initially, the shedding of God's light could be disconcerting and very painful but if we hold on to the course, life takes on a new meaning and purpose. If we allow Jesus light up our way, our "weeping may last for the night but a shout of joy come in the morning". Ps. 30:5.
Reality and hope are twin friends that go together. Light in darkness; life in death; and joy in the midst of sorrow. There is a natural tendency in us to belittle what we do not know or understand. These are the moments we belong to Paul or Apollos or to Cephas (cf. second reading). In actual fact, we are all members of on Mystical body of Christ in whom we are all baptized. Our heart is often the last door we open to anyone or anything. Let us give Jesus our hearts so that our world overshadowed by death might be brightened by the very light we have seen. The circumstances of the world are sufficient occasions for us to proclaim Christ by our words and actions. We do not need to search far away. Whenever we get tired of preaching with our lives let us learn from the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen who said "complaint to God is dialogue, and dialogue is prayer. Not the ready-made, packaged, memorized lip service of the book and candle, but the encounter and the union that only lovers know!"
Have a blessed Sunday!
Fr. Sam Madza, SMA